The Dead Penguin League (DPL) is comprised of a group of serious "need to get a life" St. Louis Blues fans, who just can't seem to get through even one day without discussing hockey.  Street hockey games in August have become a tradition, along with the annual BBQ.

Check out pictures from the wedding of our beloved Jeffio and his beautiful bride Beth.  Also, I've scanned and included a link for "The Wedding Day Revue" (which I'm told had to go through several edits, working well into the wee morning before the wedding to get the approval of the minister)

Here comes the bride         Ceremony 1      Ceremony 2       Happy couple      Just Married

The Bride     A kiss outside     Wedding Party     Dad's Toast     Cutting the cake    Dance  

Dad's Dance     Chris & Jean     Wedding Day Revue 1     Wedding Day Revue 2

Wedding Day Revue 3     Wedding Day Revue 4

The "Little Doc" Section:

Doc hits the bar     Doc's helping hand     Doc needs a snack     Doc checks the cake

Doc kisses the bride     Doc/Jeffio Toast 1     Doc/Jeffio Toast 2   Doc needs a nap

For some real entertainment and excellent hockey coverage of the St. Louis Blues, check out the Game Night Revue at

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